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Donna Hartt

Donna Hartt


Born in Huntington, NY.
Lover of Music, singing privately in my own time and space since the age of 8.
I love the beauty of what this earth has to offer including animals (particularly Horses), the Mountains, the Beach, Flowers, Palm Trees, and the list goes on.  Life is a mirror, be the best you can be as the song says “you only get what you give”.

In recent years my life took a turn and headed me into the direction of the Senior scene due to my Mother needing a hand since she was no longer able to drive.  Since she was always a Music lover I introduced her to a Music program for Seniors in her local community, this is where I was exposed to a group of talented seniors who encouraged me to sing and play, little did I know by helping my Mother I was also helping myself become a Musician, something I dabbled in and loved as a teen but gave up when I decided to get married and have kids.

The first song I wrote is Manana’s – Julia’s Bananas, this song was written to help bring awareness to this little girl from PA who is struggling with the battle of her life.  I had two wonderful amazingly talented musicians Tommy Santoriello & Margaret Lassen collaborate with me which turned it into this beautiful song.  It seemed like the angels were there with us while we were recording the song.  Use the link below to learn more about Julia, how you can help and to hear the song Mananas.




Fallen Angel

This Life
Video w/Lyrics

Mananas-A Song for Julia
Video w/Lyrics

This song was assembled in collaboration with two amazing Musicians from Long Island (Margaret Lassen & Tommy Santoriello), whose input helped bring it to another level.  Written in an effort to help raise awareness for the toddler “Julia Largent” from PA who has been fighting a rare form of childhood cancer.  Julia was placed into hospice not long after she was diagnosed.  We continue to pray that she continues to get stronger, learn more about Julia and her amazing story here: