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Mananas – Julia’s Bananas

And APPARENTLY, someone wrote a beautiful song for Julia many weeks ago,
and has been trying to share it with me for a while! I finally saw it yesterday, and it’s beautiful.
There’s no mistaking it’s her journey (and her cutest word before being admitted was “banana”! Or “manana” in toddler speak )


Mananas (Julia’s Bananas)
– By Donna Hartt
in collaboration with Margaret Lassen & Tommy Santoriello

You can listen to it here: Mananas

Learn about Julia here: Julia’s Battle Against Rare Cancer

” Absolutely beautiful song. It truly amazes me how many people know Julia!
What a beautiful world that this little child has revealed we live in. ”

” The song for Julia is awesome! So is precious Julia! It is so wonderful to see the progress she continues to make.”