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Why connect with A Night of Song, Inc.?
To be added to our  Local Musicians for Hire database & gain exposure as a performing Long Island Artist.

What is A Night of Song?
A Night of Song, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, and Gateway between Long Islanders, Businesses, and Local Musicians.

A Night of Song, Inc., brings Enrichment, Enlightenment, and Healing to Seniors, Youth and those who struggle daily with PTSD, depression and other debilitating problems.   These people have been found to benefit greatly by incorporating Music into their lives.  Music is a great form of therapy to all, especially those who have difficulty dealing with everyday life.   A Night of Song, Inc., donates a generous portion of the proceeds received to purchase and repair Musical Instruments, provide Music programs, Educational Materials, and Teaching opportunities for those individuals who otherwise would not be exposed to Music.

How do I get contacted for a Gig?
Visitors to A Night of Song, Inc. who are searching for Local Musicians to perform at Local Events contact A Night of Song, Inc. with their request including Date, Time of Performance, Location, Genre & Budget.   A Night of Song, Inc., in turn, contacts the Local Artist’s who fit the event criteria.  A Night of Song, Inc., confirms the event and provides contact information to the Artist and Consumer.

Can anyone be a Member?
No, Only Local Long Island Musicians are eligible to be a Member of A Night of Song, Inc.

Is there a fee to be A Member?
Not at this time.

Is there a way to Showcase My Music on A Night of Song?
Yes,  Musicians can post their info on a Web-page on anightofsong.com to showcase their details including Artist’s/Band’s Bio, Photos & Videos (videos are linked in from You-tube or Artists own Website).  Musician Web-pages are $85.00/annually

Do you require a Booking Fee?
Yes, A Night of Song, Inc. charges a 12% booking fee of which a portion is donated to incorporate music into the lives of those struggling in Local Long Island Communities.

Do you accept donations?
Yes, we appreciate donations.


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Local Artists


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